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As a career, performance and conflict management coach, I work with organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to live their dreams and become a higher performer at work, get the job that’s right for them or deal with relationships in a constructive way. My company name is Coaching for Results.  Results in this context are solution focused with outcomes that you as my client will create with my coaching guidance.  My NLP training provides me with extra resources that I can use to help others get in touch with their strengths, notice what is missing in their lives and move towards a stronger intention of getting what they really want.

Public Service Experience

As a recently retired federal public servant I have experience in working in an ever changing public sector environment with diverse groups including young adults, middle managers and executives.  I have also worked in a variety of administrative and management positions that enable me to guide and support clients in the areas of career transition, conflict resolution, and job-related issues involving both work and personal relationships and work/life balance. Some key areas in which I have gained experience include:

My Strengths

I have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy working with teams and individuals to help them achieve their goals. I excel at working with people especially when they are experiencing transition in their lives or career as well as in situations involving performance and conflict issues. In addition, I have been working with clients who are contemplating retirement and wondering how they can restructure their lives in a productive meaningful way once they are out of the work force.  Young people have been a key part of my coaching career, especially young professionals just entering the work force and those who are searching for their dream job.

I am dedicated and committed to everything that I take on and work closely with others to help them succeed.  As a certified member of the International Coach Federation, I took an oath to provide a higher level of service ensuring it be professional, ethical and fully confidential and am totally committed to honoring that oath. If you're interested in my services and believe coaching could assist you, I invite you to please contact me with a free get acquainted session.

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About me

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